GODIAG GD801 Odomaster Functions Overview & Guidance

GODIAG GD801 Odomaster is mainly designed for odometer correction, it also supports OBD2 diagnose and some reset services. If you prefer immo functions together, please choose GD801 Programmer instead.

There are 5 main functions on GODIAG GD801 home page, Diag Program, Upgrade, My Data, Team Viewer and setting.


Diag Program

Diag Program is including 3 main functions: cluster calibrate, oil service reset, and OBD2 functions. We can select different car models to perform the functions. It supports most car models such as Audi, Benz, Besturn, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Citroen, Fiat, Ford…etc.



GD801 Odomaster OBDII functions support to read codes, erase codes, view live data, freeze frame, check vehicle information, component test, on-board monitor test, O2S monitoring test, I/M readiness.



To read codes, we can check stored codes, pending codes, or permanent codes. The DTCs will show as a fault code and description to find out what the problem is with your vehicle.


In the Vehicle information, it can view VIN, calibrate ID, calibrate ID number, and in-use performance tracking-spark ignition engines.


GODIAG GD801 programmer software functions & car list display

Change Language

“Setting >> Language”

Here to check the available language, if there are no languages you need.

Go to “VCI information >> SN”

Please provide us with SN No. (serial number) to download the language you need.

Finally, go to “Upgrade” to download car models & functions with a new language.



How to change GODIAG GD801 key programmer language?

How to register & update GODIAG GD801 key master?


More any questions about GODIAG GD801 please contact us.



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