(Experience) Digiprog 3 or digimaster 3

Most of us might have a question like this : Digiprog3 or digimaster 3 which to buy ?  especially their difference in mileage correction function. 


Part 1 : Customer Feedbacks go as follows:

1. Digimaster 3 feedback:
1) I started with digimaster 3 about three years back, could not do many cars it claims to do. so customers go to someone else and never come back. it does however have other functions like key programming of some cars and immo/airbag clear.
2) I Think Digimaster Is Better At Chip Programming it can even make some mb keys (sometimes damage eis flash).
2. Digiprog3 feedback:

Digiprog is good tool for mileage programming. I use it almost every day and it causes me absolutely nothing wrong.
Part2. digimaster3 vs Digiprog 3:
1) I think digimaster is not worth the money (only if you do BMW). can;t do many more cars then digiprog, and often need to desolder.
digiprog can do a lot of cars. even mercedes 2010 by obd.

2) I have both digimaster latest one yanhua as well as digiprog latest one yanhua. 50% of the cars that digiprog do the digimaster does not especially VW, Audi, Benz.
30% of the cars that digiprog can’t do the digimaster does. These cars are French, Italian, Japan, and China cars.
I believe digimaster is only good for BMW cars that is all
Not worth to buy at all. Dont waste your money. Digiprog is good for cars 2003-2009 mostly by obd. For VW is the best tool. BENZ is ok does 2007-2009 w212, w204, W221. Audi can handle pretty good mostly a4,a6,a6 2004-2008. Risky a bit on a3.
Rating digimaster and digiprog with scale 1-10
digiprog -8
Part3: Digiprog 3 V4.94 Feedback on what works and does not work
1. Digiprog 4.94 tested ok results:
1) For VW, Audi, Skoda vehicles:
VW Tiguan 2007 —> OBD OK
VW Passat 2007 —> OBD OK
Seat MII 2013 —> OBD Work
passat 2011 work obd 5 min
passat 2012 work obd
passat cc 2012 work obd
jetta 2012 work obd
Skoda Superb (3t) II 2009y only by obd less then 5min
A6, 2009 work OBD, 4-5 minute.
golf mk5..ok
Volkswagen Eos obd2 ——ok
Skoda Roomster 2009 —> Diag work Perfect
vw eos 2007 —> Diag obd2 work
Skoda octavia 2009 1.9tdi instrument ok, ecu ok, dsg reset ok
SKODA Fabia 2009 obd ok. fabia -diag-read ?-write ok. (digi4.94)
Golf 6 2012 obd ok
Passat 2011 menu dash diag -2012 read ok/write ok /3 minute.
audi a4 2010 obd ok, audi a3 2010 obd ok
no problem with audi a3 for now 2011 and 2010 doing ok by obd
passat 2006 dash work
golf 2007: dash and dsg ok
300 m 2009 ok
jetta 2014: ok test Many Time always ok
tiguan 2009: ok test Many Time always ok
wrangler 2012 ok
Golf 4 MM Just open dash en look voor 24C** it takes 2 minutes
passat 2011 work by OBD
Vw Jetta 2013 take golf 6 on car list. Work fine 2 minutes
skoda superb 2011 nec+24c64 obd works fine.

-Works 100% polo 6N 2001 – diagnostic -ST16 – doesn’t show old mileage but writes perfect – on cluster display where mileage shows while writing it shows error for about 5sec then check written value on DigiRemember to reset service reminder.

VW Tiguan 2011 OBD no problem, takes about 10 minutes
VW evoque 2012 work by OBD

2) For BMW vehicles:
BMW E46 2004 —> 35080 Clip Work

3) For Ford vehicles:
Ford Fiesta 2012 —> OBD OK
Ford Fiesta HCS12 —> ST48 Work
2012 Ford Focus – 95320 – by ST1 work ok

4) For Mitsubishi:
For read & write correct Mileage use
Mitsubishi Outlander 93C86 V2 —> Work Perfect on Peugeot 4007 2012

5) For Mercedes Benz:
w211 2005 dash via st60 read ok/write ok/ezs sync blocked ok.
E39 m5 dash done with digi using st47
MERCEDES w210 E – DB 4_99 with Stecker 10 , ok!

6) For Opel:
-Opel Vivaro 2013 —> EEPROM Clip work 93c76
-Astra J 2011 work by OBD.
-Opel Insignia 2014 —> OBD Work perfect

7) For Fiat:
Fiat Grande Punto EVO 2011 dash– obd OK…. fiat doblo
Fiat Ducato 2012 work perfect OBD
Fiat Doblo 2009 —> OBD Work perfect 1 sec. Job

8)Other models:
Galaxy 2008 new model by the OBD ok
Successfully made chevrolet orlando like a opel insignia
Digiprog read/write 35080 for 100%.
Range Rover Evoque 2013 via obd ok
Nissans: 2002 Altima 93C66 OK in circuit with Murano; 2001 Xterra 93c56 OK unsolder with Patrol
Toyota RAV 4 2007 —> eeprom clip 93c56 work
– Made : sportage 2012
Swift 2014
Ranger 2010
Prado 2006
Runner 2006
Navarra 2012
All eeprom on board …i did NOT try obd
– salvage Yard
nitro 2009 ok
patriot 2013 ok
2015 xtrail does work with digiprog 4.94, chip 93c86 worked a treat
volvo s80 2008+ work good 10min.
2. Digiprog V4.94 tested fail result:
Digi can not do some Golf 6 and Polo Dash by obd.
Digi can do only VDO dash Golf 6 by obd, not Magneti Marelli.
A3 sportback 2009. killed
Focus 2011 not work
Part 4: Digimaster 3 tested success and failure results:
1. DIGIMASTER 3 tested success results mainly for BMW and Benz
1) For Mercedes Benz
-Benz E63 2010 W204 EZS – Cluster OBD ok
-Digimaster is hit or miss on everything. I’ve been using the Digimaster 3 for several years now.
I got the DSPIII and use that for almost everything now.
– Benz 2004 C180 W203 Dash Ezs – OBD no good.
Dash Ezs – programmed manually – good
-Benz 2004 C180 Compressor W203 – OBD no good.
Dash Ezs – programmed manually – good.
-Done Mercedes E270 2005 W211 by obd, and it was ok.

2) For BMW:
– 2009 1 series E88 CAS-DASH OK
-BMW & MERCEDES ecu cloning 29f800 good
-BMW F10 CAS4 + Dash Ok

3) For VW
-2012 vw polo obd ok
-Digimaster3 on 2011 Audi A5 – DASH – OBD2 – OK!
– volvo s80 2003 wires direct – good
– I did programme a 1999 s500 key with it
– I use it for toyota corolla
– digimaster 3 does have other functions like key programming of some cars and immo/airbag clear.
2. DIGIMASTER 3 Tested failure results
01-06-2014 update:
Mercedes E270 2005 W211 by OBD no good !
EZS Manually no good ! (no connection ) Any ideas anyone ?????118
Cluster Plug no good ! Cluster eeprom Good !
Cas BDM Adaptor faulty ! Tried another bdm adaptor and worked.
Ford Fiesta 2009 obd-No Good Obp-No Good
mb a class a170 wires direct – Not good


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