Buy Mercedes Original vs. Chinese BE Keys?

How is different between Chinese Mercedes Chrome Keys and Original Keys?

It’s a debate also experience sharing.
1. Choose Original Keys and reasons:
1) It’s very different, use original keys when you can.
Many people are using chinese bga keys, but some are getting corrupted and stops working.
Not a bad key the chinese ones, but it is not the same as the original… is the case in any other remote or key, many chinese keys works, but they never long live as the originals

While, Original keys are getting expensive…and not much quantity. specially since the bga key cannot be re-used as the old chrome key.

2) Maybe the AVDI keys are of better quality than the China BE keys? But they can be used only with AVDI.
BE keys are not that bad. I still hope there will be a working solution which will stop them from selfereasing.

2. Choose Chinese BE Keys and reasons:
Got one Smart Key 3 Button 433MHZ:
BE keys
Including 2 battery inside

I program Chinese Keys on
– S-Class W220 2003 TWO KEY’S (One for me and one for my Wife)
– Vito 2007
– Sprinter 2009

All working Perfect. Its look better with new Keys.
Attach Smart Key 3 Button 433MHZ pictures:
pcb-board-1 smart-key-3-button-433mhz-sa1252-a-2 smart-key-3-button-433mhz-sa1252-a-3 smart-key-3-button-433mhz-sa1252-a-5
Can be written for once. The seller remind If Benz key board is broken during key writing, you need to buy another new one NEC chip.

transponder-chip-for-benz-smart-key-dedicated-nec-1 transponder-chip-for-benz-smart-key-dedicated-nec-2


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