Autel IM608 II Program 2007 BMW 550i All Keys Lost

This is a 2007 BMW 550i with all keys lost. Having finished key cutting with Xhorse Dolphin II machine by door code, let’s go ahead to program it with Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II.


IMMO >> BMW >> Smart selection
Automatic scan of the immobilizer, the DME, and the EGS will begin.

OK >> Key learning
Here we can also get the key mechanical code: HA00026203

Dealer key generation will begin.
1. For this CAS type, add a key and all keys lost are applicable.
2. The key learning process requires a network connection for data acquisition. Check the network settings to ensure to connection to Wi-Fi and maintain the network connection during the process.

Remove the key from the ignition switch. If it is a smart key, take it out of the vehicle.
Be sure to operate as required, otherwise the vehicle may malfunction.
If the vehicle fails, try to perform “Clear codes” or contact technical support.

Key information read successfully.
Do you want to back up the original key data? Yes
Save the key data file.





Select a blank key position: Key7
Ignition switch generation key >> Semi-smart key
The key needs to be preprocessed, otherwise dealer key generation may fail.
Do you want to preprocess the key? Yes
Connect the Autel IM608 II device to the XP400 Pro Programmer and place the new key into the key slot.
Preprocessing key, please wait…
Key preprocessed successfully.

Insert the key to be learned into the ignition switch.
Writing key, please wait…
If it is a semi-smart or smart key, perform the steps below:
1. Remove the key from the ignition switch.
2. Insert the key into the ignition switch again.
3. Press the Start/Stop button without starting the vehicle.
4. Press OK to proceed to the next step.

Key written successfully.
If the vehicle cannot be started or locked steering is indicated on the instrument cluster, synchronizing the ELV or the DME(depending on the reality).

Test the new key, it can work perfectly.





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