Autel IM508 + Obdstar Toyota-30 Cable Add 2023 Prius Key OK

Autel MaxiIM IM508 + OBDSTAR Toyota-30 Cable can program a new proximity key for the 2023 Toyota Prius without a pincode. OBDSTAR Toyota Cable is designed as a 30PIN connector for 4A, 8A-BA immo key programming. Not only compatible with OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS or X300 PRO4, but also works for other key programmers like Autel.

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OBDSTAR Toyota-30 Cable for 4A/8A-BA IMMO Upgrade

It’s very easy, just popping that lower dash panel, reaching up in there unplugging it. Then plug the Toyota-30 Cable into the 30PIN port. Connect the other end to Autel IM508.


Step1. Back-Up IMMO Data
This function is used to back up EEPROM data of the smart main ECU, which can be used to perform IMMO related functions without PIN.
This function supports models with 8A-BA smart key as of 2022(equipped with TMLF19D smart main ECU).
Click “Yes” to continue.

Ensure the network connection of the device is good.
Turn off the ignition, and turn the hazard warning light on and off once.
Reading EEPROM data…
Backup succeed.



Step2. Add Smart Key
Add Smart Key >> Start
This function serves to learn keys. Please complete the steps within the specified time.
Turn the ignition on.
Confirm VIN.
Have you backed up the EEPROM data of this vehicle? Yes
Select the saved EEPROM data.
Keep a learned key close to the start button.
Keep a new key close to the start button.
Learning succeeded.



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