Yanhua ACDP Module 25: VW/Audi 0DE Gearbox Mileage Correction

Latest Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 25 was released, supported to adjust VW/ Audi DQ380(0DE), DQ381(0DE), DQ500(0DE) gearbox mileage. Much safer without soldering. Should work together with Mini ACDP Programming Master.
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (1)

Supported Car Model:
Audi: A3, Q2, Q3, etc.
Volkswagen: Magotan, Passat(B8), Lamando, Golf GTI, Tiguan L, Teramont, new Skoda, etc.

1. Identify gearbox model by OBD quickly.
2. No need to remove TCM, plug and play to correct mileage with special interface board.

Path in Mini ACDP APP:
VW >> Gearbox mileage correction >> VW/Audi >> DQ380(0DE)/DQ381(0DE)/DQ500(0DE)

Here’s allowed to do identify, mileage correction(auto mode/ single step mode), time correction(auto mode/ single step mode), read & write EEPROM.
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (2)

yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (3)

How to connect ACDP Module 25?
Tools required:
SH725xx-0DE interface board
DB15-LAN adapter
TCU cable
Mini ACDP Basic module
VW/ Audi gearbox
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (4)

Step1. Connect SH725XX-0DE to gearbox correctly as image.
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (5)

Step2. Short the CAN resistor on the DB15-LAN adapter to CAN-R.
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (6)

Step3. Connect ACDP, DB15-LAN adapter, interface board & gearbox.
yanhua-acdp-module-25-vw-audi-0de-gearbox-mileage-correction (7)



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