Xhorse Key Reader Decode Ford FO38R to Duplicate Success

We’re going to test new equipment, Xhorse Key Reader. It’s said no need for a picture to read. It can automatically decode key bittings. Following is to duplicate a Ford Fusion 2011 FO38R key for test.

Decode Key via Key Reader + VVDI Key Tool MAX
Connect the blade skimmer to Key Tool MAX in app. Go to
Optical identification >> Ford >> Fusion >> USA – Gem1(2011-2012) >> FO38R >> OK
Press Key Reader button to insert the key.
Continuous press “Identification”.
It’ll read the key automatically…

Quite fast. Identification result: 24232243.
It can also display a picture of bitting for check.





Cut Key via Dolphin XP005
Having connected & installed a key on Dolphin key cutting machine, we’re allowed to cut key directly.
To cut >> Cutting key >> Continue
Xhorse Dolphin starts cutting key…

Remove the key when cutting finished.
It can open car door and switch engine.
That means key decode & cutting are actually accurate.


Key Learn via Autel MaxiIM IM608
Take out the key into the car.
Plug Autel IM608 cable into OBD.
IMMO >> Accept >> Auto detect >> Ford(USA) >> OK >> Ford >> Fusion >> 2010-2012 >> Blade key >> Yes >> Hot functions >> Add key(guided) >> Start
*Note: this procedure will not erase existing keys.

Insert the key to be learned and turn the ignition on.
It’ll take about 10 minutes. Press “Yes” to continue…
Learning successful.
Test the key again, it can start the engine.



This is the first time to use the Xhorse Key Reader blade skimmer. It can perfectly readout Ford Fusion 2011 FO38R and work with other tools.

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