Xhorse Key Reader 7 FAQs You Should Know

The latest key identification device Xhorse Key Reader has been released and can be pre-ordered now! Check the frequently asked questions and answers below to find what it can do.


  • Why Xhorse develop Key Reader?

3 significant features:

  1. It’s able to identify aluminum keys, plastic keys as well as metal keys. It’s a bit troublesome to get the bitting code, so Key Reader greatly compensates for that.
  2. Probe breaking can be avoided.
  3. It’s much more accurate than taking a photo to identify key data.




  • Will Xhorse Key Reader work on APP?


  1. Use a smartphone + key cutting machines like Dolphin XP005. By smartphone, you can obtain key bitting, then cut with the machine.
  2. Use a key cutting machine with a screen like Condor XC-MINI Plus or Dolphin II XP-005L. In this way, you can directly cut the key with simple clicks on the machine.



  • Dose Xhorse Key Reader support edge cut keys?

Yes. Just insert the key and click “Identification” on the screen. Key Reader will identify the key bitting codes automatically and show all key details.





  • Dose Xhorse Key Reader identifies HU162T?

Yes. HU162T is mainly for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars. Though it’s a special metal key with 3 sides. For sure Key Reader Blade Skimmer is able to identify it.



  • Does Xhorse Key Reader identify Honda keys?

Definitely yes. It’s acknowledged that Honda keys tend to wear off easily. Yet you can still acquire accurate key bitting results.



  • Does Xhorse Key Reader support plastic/aluminum keys?

Sure. That’s the biggest advantage of the tool.




  • How much is it and when will it be available?

The pre-order price is £265, will arrive and deliver in December.

Order link: https://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/xhorse-key-reader.html


More questions welcome to contact us.



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