What’s Difference Among Scania VCI1 , scania VCI2 and Scania VCI 3

Difference Among Scania VCI1 ( SH34) , scania VCI2 ( SH26,SH26-C) and Scania VCI 3 (SH58) 

Scania VCI1  


Scania VCI2


Scania VCI3




1) Communication way :
VCI1 and VCI2 can only use USB to communication connecting.
VCI3 can using Both USB and WIFI connecting

2) Supported Vehicles :
VCI1 support vehicles from year 1995-2004
VCI3 support vehicles after year 2004
VCI2 can support both that is after year 1995 ( Attention if before year 2004 need do with standard OBD2 Port vehicles or need using VCI2 for testing)

3) VCI2 VS VCI3 :
Only hardware difference, they can use the same software
SH26 and SH58 can also use the Scania V2.23 sofwtare


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