vxdiag VCX nano for Ford & Mazda feedback – can add 2 new keys

Bought vxdiag VCX nano for Ford & Mazda one month ago, and had time to play around a bit with it. I must say it’s not too bad tool.

1. packaging
When I got VCX nano for Ford & Mazda tool USB version I bought from obd2shop.co.uk, I was at first impressed by the quality of the packaging. Great quality box, long USB cable (yeah I purchased the usb version). All looked very professional.

VCX nano for Ford & Mazda tool USB version

2. Software
Came with software CDs Mazda IDS and Ford IDS. I was pretty happy with it, they all installed flawlessly.

Here is a quick guide for my success:
Use Virtual machine installer found on CD V100, install VM then create a VM
Then on the virtual machine
Install calibration from V81 CD
Install V91 from V100 CD and reboot without opening software
Once rebooted open software and agree to 3 day licence, enter any details
Close software and Install V96 and reboot without opening
Once rebooted you can open software
Install software on CD V100 for the VX device
At this point I just installed deep freeze found on cd V100

A bit of advice with the software is use virtual machine (its easier to delete and start again), and follow video guides found on youtube.
Note: No newest version, but they share the same installation method

OS: WIN7/WIN8/Win10 works

3. Diagnose Ford Mazda
What can work:
– Connect to a 2005 Ford Five Hundred, recognized (Good)

– Purpose: program an ebay purchased key to the vehicle PATS system as I only had one key when I brought the car and really wanted a spare in case of loss or damage
In real: The device was able to delete all old keys from the system then and add 2 new keys, whilst I was there I did some software updates on the PCM.

What can’t work:
next step, relative compression test. right after the 10sec crank screen appear it fails right away saying something about the key was turned off. So did the power balance test.

Honestly it really is a good device and works perfectly once you get over the software issue.

VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda on sale

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