VVDI Key tool ID48 & 96bit 48 cloning system released globally

VVDI Key Tool Can open ID48 Authorization from 01/04/2018. It comes with free 1500 Bonus Points for calculations.

ID48 Transponder Function Authorization fee 150 USD.
ID48 Transponder (96 Bit) Function Authorization 250 USD + Additional gift 1500 bonus points.

1). Ordinary ID48 chip without OBDII


2). One-time cloning needs 100 bonus points, Bonus points can be accumulated by using VVDI Remote. Or you can buy the Calculation tokens at 8USD/one, cloning costs one token each time.

If you have VVDI2 and already open ID48 authorization, you can use VVDI2 and VVDI KEY Tool SN number to bundle in your points system, then VVDI Key Tool will have Copy ID48 function, no need open again.


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