Vpecker E4 Android phone version user manual: diagnose, program, active, install

Vpecker E4, android based multifunctional diagnostic tool with 8 inch tablet developed by IDUTEX, covering over 78 manufactures from Asia(China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia ), America, Europe, Australia, featuring powerful diagnosing functions with overall special functions(resetting & coding & programming) , and professional data replay, data stream analysis for automobile repacking, It meets the customer’s requirement and would be the best choice for workshops and mechanics.

VP_E4_EN_20171028_V4.4 android pack free download on the mega.
Vpecker E4 install on Android:
only 3 steps to complete install:
vpecker e4 install 01 vpecker e4 install 02 vpecker e4 install 03

Vpecker E4 phone version vehicle coverage:
78 manufactures from Asia(China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia ), America, Europe, Australia.
OBD2 adapter can be compatible with all 16 pin vehicle.

Vpecker E4 phone version diagnose functions:
Quick Test
Read ECU Info.
Read DTCs
Erase DTCs
Clear learning value
Data Stream
Read freeze frame data
Read/Write VIN
Basic Reset
Control unit adaptations
Throttle adaptations
Air bleeding
Level calibration
Theft alarm Reset
Key programming
Oil change, Idle speed learning
Idle speed Adjustment
Ignition timing adjustment
Camshaft timing control learning
Maintenance functions
ECU Initial startup
ECU initialization

vpecker e4 app function

Vpecker E4 phone version on BMW:
BMW Menu Selection
vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 01

BMW Read ECU Info
vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 02

vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 03

BMW data stream
vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 04

BMW Data stream waveform
vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 05 vpecker e4 bmw diagnose 06

Video guide:

Vpecker E4 phone version active:
Receive a message “The product is not activated, please register and activate first.”
vpecker e4 active 01 vpecker e4 active 02 vpecker e4 active 03


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