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Topic: vident ilink400 GM Diagnostic Scan Tool feedback from an objective perspective.

vident ilink400 GM scan tool feedback 1:
Best Inexpensive Scanner for GM Powertrain/ABS/SIR
King of the Inexpensive Scanners!!
This is a review of the GM functions on the latest download of the GM update. Tested on 2001 Blazer 4×4 (J1850 VPW), 2004 Avalanche 4×4 (J1850 VPW), 2006 G6 GTP (CANBUS). What is available depends on the vehicle it is hooked up to (this is a very good thing). PIDs appear to be adequately filtered.

For Avalanche had to enter vehicle manually. This scanner has ABS Brake Bleed, Injector Testing, CASE Relearn (crank sensor relearn) and reads Cam Sensor Retard. And this is just barely scratching the surface. I scrolled through the Powertrain PIDs for the three vehicles and all the pertinent enhanced GM ones seem to be there. Reads and clears codes for individual modules like ABS, SIR, Powertrain, BCM, HVAC, etc. Also has some PIDs for various modules and some bidirectional controls. However found nothing for TCCM (4WD) module. It did have most modules (ABS, Transmission, Entertainment, SIR, Powertrain, etc) for the G6 and did find an error code with my radio (which does have a problem). Don’t know how this would work on 2013+, but as I understand up to 2012 CANBUS should be pretty much the same.

Functionality will depend on what you are hooking this up to, but on the GM it looks like they give you way more than most $500 software packages – so five stars from me!! Cheaply made in China – but for the money……………… this is a must have if you are serious.

vident ilink400 GM scan tool feedback 2:
Product works well. I used it to perform an automated brake bleed on GM and exhaust system diagnostic. Creating an account and product registration are a chore.

vident ilink400 GM scan tool feedback 3:
It does pretty much what it says it will do however it will not program the VIN into the PCM on GM products, so if replacing PCM you will still need a mechanic or someone with the right tool, it will set cam retard on GM products and is all around a very helpful tool.

vident ilink400 GM scan tool feedback 4:
I recently replaced my Throttle Body in a 2011 GMC Sierra and had gone through the entire relearn process with no success. Drove for days with extremely high idle and acceleration issues. Finally took a gamble and ordered this device, hooked it up and it was fixed in 2 seconds. Well worth the money as this will be useful for many other servicing projects through the years for my vehicles. Highly recommend, well worth the money.

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