VCM2 (SP177-C1) is the best with module programming selection available

Solution to Ford VCM2 error ” module programming selection not available”.
Download, extract, run this
Don’t click the middle link click the top right link to download and in the dialogue box that pops up select direct download.

Just remember guys, “some” of the clone IDS VCM-II units just don’t work, many of them just don’t have the internal gubbins for them to work as they should, they can read and erase codes etc but when it comes to some module programming functions etc…they often fall a bit short.
We’ve found it to be a bit of a lottery. Try to make sure you get the “SP177-C1” VCM2 unit, this will give you the best chance of getting a working unit.
However, the “SP177-C1” VCM2 has been out of stock for some days, then “SP177” is the second reliable VCM unit.


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