Unlocking used Toyota Lexus keyless remote, which tool?

Reviews on which tool can unlock used Toyota Lexus keyless remote.

Many cheap tools unlock those:

Review 1:
Cn900 mini TJECU can unlock used Toyota Lexus keyless remote

Review 2:
vvdi key tool
for renew remotes function pls refer to the connection diagram, if the PCB not same as the diagram maybe not working after renew.
Read: VVDI key tool renew diagram

Review 3:
Micra clone or zedful are the leaders in (RF unlocking) they have the 40 bit, 80 bit and 128 bit working via RF. I don’t know why no one else has recorded the rf modulation and has added it to there tool.

Review 4:
TM100 Key Programmer to Reset Toyota Smart Key.

Review 5:
MK3 does those too…not cheap neither

Review 6:
First was mk3. Tango is quite cheap activation when someone already has hw. Be careful at others as few of them have no 128bit listed.

Review 7:
Clone hardware with serial number 45 plus original Iprog Universal RFID Adapter works in OEM Remote,
but it cannot reset aftermarket Toyota SmartKey
PS: it’s Iprog or Iprog clone

Review 8:
Tango does 40, 80, and 128.

Please enjoy.

More is supposed to be updated…


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