Top 5 Remote & Chip Generator Key Programmer 2022 have collect top 5 remote & chip generator key programmers in 2022. Some are just launched, and some have been experienced on market for a while. However, they are all greatly loved by consumers.

They are Autel MaxiIM KM100, Xhorse VVDI Key Tool MAX & Mini Key Tool, Lonsdor KH100+, KEYDIY KD-X2. Next, we’ll compare them from all aspects. Hope this can help you.

Contrast Table

Item Autel MaxiIM KM100 VVDI Key Tool Max Mini Key Tool LONSDOR KH100+ KEYDIY KD-X2
Image autel maxiim km100 xhorse vvdi key tool max xhorse vvdi mini key tool lonsdor kh100 keydiy kd x2
Price £421 £298  £94  £159 £165
Screen Touch screen, 1280*720 Touch screen, 1280*720 × Color screen, 320*480 ×
Generate remote
Garage remote ×
Remote clone ×
Read & clone Transponder
Generate special chip
Detect frequency
Immobilizer ×(plus Mini OBD Tool) × × ×
Copy ID/IC ×
Unlock remote ×
Unlock Toyota smart remote
Detect ignition coil
Remote simulator × × × ×
Chip simulator × ×
Write key via dump × × × ×
Acquisition for test(collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency) × × × ×
Detect IR signal × × × ×
Charge remote ×
ID46 copy
ID48/ID48 96bit copy × ×
AutoVIN × × × ×
Password calculation ×

1. Price
Xhorse Mini Key Tool < Lonsdor KH100+ < KEYDIY KD-X2 < Xhorse Key Tool MAX < Autel KM100
– Xhorse Mini Key Tool is lowest price.
– Lonsdor & KEYDIY differ little in price.
– Xhorse Key Tool MAX price begins to be double.
– Autel KM100 is most expensive.

2. Configuration
– Both Autel KM100 & Xhorse Key Tool MAX have a touch screen with high resolution.
– Lonsdor is a color screen, control by buttons.
– Xhorse Mini Key Tool & KEYDIY don’t have a screen, should connect to a smart phone or PC for control.

3. Convenience
– All of 5 tools are small and light-weight to take along.
– Autel KM100 & Xhorse Key Tool MAX support to control by touchscreen.
– Lonsdor supports to control by pressing buttons.
– Xhorse Mini Key Tool supports wireless control via smartphone.
– KEYDIY supports wired control via PC or Android phone/tablet.

4. Function
Only KM100 has immobilizer feature supported by Autel. Since we known, IM508/IM608 are powerful key programmer to do add key and all keys lost. As a new member of MaxiIM series, this maybe a trump card different from other tools.

By contrast, Xhorse, Lonsdor & KEYDIY will need additional tool to do key programming.

Unlock Remote
– Autel vehicle coverage is wider than Xhorse on Dacia, Fiat, Honda, Benz, Opel, Suzuki.
– KEYDIY vehicle coverage is wider than Autel on Alfa, Geely, Haima, Haval, Jaguar, Lada, Land Rover, Lincoln, Maserati, Mini, Rolls Royce, Smart, VW.

Chip Simulator
– Autel KM100 supports ID46, 47, 48, 49 4A, 8A.
– Lonsdor KH100+ supports 4D, 46, 48, 47.
– KEYDIY KD-X2 supports ID46 & 4D.
– Xhorse no support.

ID48 96Bit Copy
– KEYDIY is free.
– Xhorse requires to generate 10 remotes to activate.
– Autel & Lonsdor no support.

Remote Simulator, Write Key via Dump, Acquisition for Test
Only Xhorse VVDI Key Tool MAX is featured with all 3 functions while others are not. Acquisition is to collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency for analysis remote problems.

Only Autel KM100 has the VIN automatic detection, more smarter and convenient.

Considering Autel KM100 is newer and based on MaxiIM database, it maybe more competitive in IMMO to different from others. It’s also more user friendly & smarter than others. KM100 can be an affordable substitution of IM508/IM608, it’s also suitable for those who need an entry-level Autel key tool. For IM508 or IM608 users, KM100 will be a helpful key generator before programming.

Xhorse is experienced in remote chip clone & generation. Thus, no matter Mini Key Tool or Key Tool Max will be a good option. Mini Key Tool is focus on generating & cloning remote, Key Tool Max supports most features. Users can decide according to budget & functions.

Lonsdor KH100+ is the only one tool that can read 902Mhz frequency for some USA remotes. It can be used to copy 8A Toyota smart key directly. Besides, it supports different chips to simulate.

KEYDIY KD-X2 supports to generate some remotes that are not available on Xhorse. It’s free for ID48 96bit copy while Xhorse is limited. Besides, its ID48 copy speed is quicker in mins than Xhorse.

It’s not unusual for a locksmith to have 2-3 key tools at hand. As no one perfect tool can do everything. It’s advisable to buy spares based on various functions.

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