Thinkcar Thinkdiag Reset Brake for a 2015 Chevy Suburban

Today I’m here with Thinkcar Thinkdiag diagnostic tool, and I’m going to do a brake pat reset for the 2005 GM Chevrolet Suburban vehicle. If you ever replaced your brake pads, you’ll notice that your brake pendal becomes a little stiff sometimes. So with the brake reset, this would go ahead and clear that out.

So let’s go ahead to connect it with OBD port.
thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (1)

Start ThinkDiag app on a phone:
ThinkStore >> More >> GM >> Automatically search >> Yes >> Turn the ignition ON, press “OK”>> Yes
thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (2)

thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (3)

System selection >> Body control module(BCM) >> Read fault codes >> DTC display

There are 2 fault codes, including “Brake pedal position sensor circuit – calibration not learned”, that’s the one we’re gonna be doing.
thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (4)

thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (5)

Go back to
Special functions >> Brake pedal position sensor learn >> OK

This is going to make it not so tight when you’ve replaced the brake pads.

Just go on to select “Learn”.
thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (6)

You don’t want your foot on the brake when you’re doing this. It doesn’t brake it or be pressed down and the command state turned to be “Learn”.

So let’s go back to clear fault code as well:
Clear fault code >> Yes >> OK
Clear fault code completed.

Go to read fault code again:
Read fault code >> DTC display
thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (7)

thinkcar-thinkdiag-reset-brake-for-a-2015-chevy-suburban (8)

As you can see, the brake pedal fault code has gone!
This is using Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner to reset brake for a 2005 Chevy Suburban successfully.


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