Suggestion to Solve VVDI Key Tool Max tips : Uncloneable Error

VVDI Key Tool Max customers feedback : I tried to use XM key for a Rav4 2015 312.10-313.10 MHz but just work start engine touching start button with the key, remote functions do not work, is any option for this dual frequency?

Suggestion Solution from Xhorse Engineers:

1,Test the chip of the car and remote key’s chip, make sure password bits are the same
2, Measure the frequency of the car’s key and the Remote keys frequency to ensure that they are consistent
3, When matching, remove the original car key battery
4, First paste the original car card, make a beep, quickly (within 5 seconds) insert the remote keys (with battery), and then hear the beep, remove the remote key, and observe the light of the handset at the same time. If it flashes, the match is OK. Otherwise need to re-match

Hope it helps

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