Solved! Yanhua Mini ACDP Read BMW CAS3/3+ Memory Decryption Failed

My Yanhua Mini ACDP Master will not read BMW CAS3, 0L15Y always has memory decryption error, 0L01Y has an error with connection board targets. No method to read CAS3 with ICP solderless adapter. It says: “ Error: Memory decryption failed. Please check if the memory model is correct.”

CAS3 – 0L15Y: Pin detect good, always error with Memory decryption. CAS3 board is V2, No C_GND pin.
CAS3 – 0L01Y: Always pin detect error on ETX.
CAS3 Adapter board makes contact with the wrong pin.
For example, 0L15Y, good pin detection, but CAS 0L01Y has a pinned target in the wrong place, the capacitor blocks the signal.




Sometimes, the CAS3/3+ reading error may say: “Analyze the data error. Please check this CAS is a new CAS or blank CAS.” as well.

If the above problems occurred, the decryption progress bar will reach 100%. But in normal cases, the chip decryption progress bar will not reach 100%. So it is necessary to check whether the C-GND probe on the interface board is removed or cut. Reinstall the interface board to read the data once.

The C-GND pin interface board locations are shown as below:


Thanks to the Obd2shop engineer, the problem was solved!
I can use Yanhua ACDP BMW to read CAS3 decryption data now.


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