Solution to Kess Clone generic ID error

I receive this “Generic error” when i try to write a map to EDC17C64? The Kess version is 2.47 and the FW is 5.017 – EU Clone.
The problem appears when i choose the map before writing. Error only appears on EDC17C64, on anything else it’s working.
Kess Clone generic ID error

Possible Reason and Solution:
Option 1. Reinstall kess and try again
free download Ksuite 4.47 software and installation guide:

Option 2. Read ecu with bootmode you can do this with ktag. Not good idea to do this with clone. But it must work.

Option 3. I don’t know if 2.47 work, i do this eecu with clone many times with Ksuite fw 5.017 sw 2.23, maybe you can downgrade and try again.
Free download Ksuite 2.23 2.22 software

Option 4. open the kess box .. find sdcard, open slot and remove sdcard for a few seconds .. after insert sdcard and try if it works ..
People, all of you have given advise
to remove, insert SD card, to re-install Ksuite, to change OBD cable, to re-solder all element of PCB. All will be loose of time.

Credits to Laurance for collecting.

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