Seat 2005 key programming with OBDSTAR DP or VVDI2

Car model: Seat Leon 2005

Original part number is 1m0959753e, registration ND55AUX

Purpose: Looking for aftermarket key

Advice: It’s definitely Megamos crypto ID48 can version prepared for seat. About remote, If you have some equipment you can get universal programmable, or in this case check same years other seat remotes freac. have to be the same.

Tool to use and feedback:
1st option:
I am using Obdstar X300 dp, I was looking online and there is a lot of keys for seat equivalent year but all of them have a small difference in part number, main number is same 959753 but the beginning or end is different. For example instead of 1m0959753e you have 1k0 959753 G or 1jo 959753 CT. does those numbers stance for something particular or it’s just a random part number. You mentioned you can check what other parts numbers will fit for the car ?? Could I kindly ask how do you do it???

2nd option:
I use Xhorse vvdi2 for remotes, it has big database. Sometimes I have to do all keys lost and it becomes very handy to have universal remotes that are programmable, even if I don’t know what original remote car used I can find one from database and couple tries.

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