(Report) Xtuner X500 User Problem Solved

This is the communication though Obd2shop.co.uk customer service and The customer for Xtuner X500

From Lars-Petter Wassberg


Dear Elyza.


I have problem with the x500 odb tool.


The software have suddenly lost my license. When I try to connect it checking the license and I getting follow message: “License failing”

I have tried to reinstall the software but I still getting the same message???


Please help.


Best regards “


Obd2shop.co.uk customer Service Reply:

Hi dear Mr.Lars-Petter Wassberg,

Could you please checking the version for X500 ?

Confirm if it is the latest version like the attached picture showing? “

From Lars-Petter Wassberg


Hi Elyza.


I have 2.5 verson but firmware and serial says unknown? “

Obd2shop.co.uk customer Service Reply:

“Hello dear brother


we found it is the problem Bluetooth can not connection


Could you help checking the match , can it search and find the Bluetooth?


Best regards 



From Lars-Petter Wassberg:

Dear Elyza.

Many thanks for your great support.

I uninstalled the software and removed all old folders. I reinstalled the software and now it’s working again.

Have a nice day.

Best regards. “


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