Replace BMW FEM/BDC Module, What Tool Recommended?

In case you have to replace a BMW FEM/BDC module by yourself, what programming tool will be recommended? Here we have picked out 2 BMW tools that may help to finish replacement faster and easier.


  1. Yanhua Mini ACDP Master BMW Full Package

A: Yes


  • How to use Mini ACDP to replace FEM/BDC module?

A: Go to “FEM/BDC >> Module Replace”, here you can perform detect module info, module initial programming process, copy data replace, calculate data replace and special function.


The “Help” will guide to the FEM/BDC replacement procedure. Just follow the instructions, it is easy to operate.

  1. If the old FEM/BDC module supports to read data, select “Copy data replace“;
  2. If the old FEM/BDC module can not communicate or read data, please select “Calculate data replace“.

It may help: How to select Yanhua Mini ACDP options to clone BMW FEM?


replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-1 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-2


  1. Xhorse VVDI2 Full Version

How to use Xhorse VVDI2 to replace BMW FEM/BDC?

Please use a same model & year of FEM/BDC module for replacement.


  • Programming FEM/BDC system

FEM/BDC key learn >> Get key info >> Programming FEM/BDC system

Note: It will display the FEM/BDC module need to be programmed or not, if no need, please perform “Exchange FEM/BDC” directly



Follow procedure instructions to finish step1 – step5:

Backup coding >> Prepare service EEPROM file >> Programming >> Restore original EEPROM file >> Restore coding



  • Exchange FEM/BDC

Exchange FEM/BDC >> Read FEM/BDC data >> Revise info below:

  1. Fill in the VIN of damaged FEM/BDC;
  2. Fill in correct frequency;
  3. Fill in the original vehicle ISN(can be acquired by reading engine data)

replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-5 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-6 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-7


Change FEM/BDC ISN >> Yes >> Has a working key or not? Answer according to situation >> Input the original vehicle ISN >> Next >> Write FEM/BDC data

replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-8 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-9 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-10 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-11 replace-bmw-fem-bdc-programming-tool-recommendation-12


Wait writing data finished…



Both Yanhua ACDP BMW & VVDI2 can support to exchange FEM/BDC module perfectly, which makes repairing job no longer harder.


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