Read/write EDC16CP39 on Peugeot 407 2.2 HDI, mpps? FGTech? Ktag?

ECU type: EDC16CP39 o my Peugeot 407 2.2 HDI

Purpose: Read & write ECU

Tools to consider:

1. MPPS: doesn’t work with EDC16CP39.

2. GALLETTO 4 V54 0475: write and read is OK. Be careful with eco mode. ECU dies if the car falls into eco mode. ( battery voltage drops under 12.1 V).

Fgtech Galletto ECU programming tool is perfect for both OBD use and BDM use.

3. Ktag: would suggest it on the bench and do full backup first.

Where to buy GALLETTO 4 V54?

Version 1: FGTech V54

new-v54-fgtech-galletto-pcb-board-1 new-v54-fgtech-galletto-pcb-board-2


Version 2: FGTech V54 Galletto 4 Master. 

Here I attach the PCB, it is built good quality component.

fgtech-galletto-v54-pcb-board-se61-g(01) fgtech-galletto-v54-pcb-board-se61-g


Where to buy Ktag? Which one to have?

KTAG V7.020 red pcb (online version)

ktag-v7020-red-pcb-eu-online-version-se135-b1 ktag-v7020-red-pcb-eu-se135-b1




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