Read and write EDC17C64 with China clone 7.020 perfectly

I’ve read and write EDC17C64 with china clone Ktag 7.020, took around 15/20 minutes to read and around 10 minutes to write more or less.
GTP cable. Followed the instructions and it was fine.

I didn’t wrote in the OTP area. OTP area can’t be programmed as name says everything. I’ve change some maps and wrote without any problems.
ktag 7.020-01 ktag 7.020-02


you are realy brave to flash edc17 with not genuine tools… im always shaking when i do this with genuine tools… i cant imagine to do this with clone..
Answer: Get spare ecus and do the tests on spare ecus, this way you only shake a little bit. I do shake a little bit too

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