Quick Steps to Unlock Smart Keys for FT Toyota/Lexus

“Oops! The key can’t be used now. ” Wondering if you encountered such a situation before? You wasted a car blank key due to improper operation during Toyota key programming. Here is a quick way to unlock FT Toyota/Lexus smart keys, so that you can reutilize it and save money.

Step 1:
Press and hold button 1, 2, and 3 at the same time.

Step 2:
When the indicator light is on, keep button 1 and 2 still, and release button 3. After the indicator light goes off, press button 3 again.




Step 3:
Repeat step 2 about 10 times until the indicator light flashes continuously, then release all 3 buttons.

Step 4:
When the indicator light stops flashing, the FT key is successfully unlocked.

Now you can restart the key programming for your Toyota car again! Enjoy.

In conclusion:

Here’s a useful and powerful tool I strongly recommend for car key programming: Lonsdor K518 programmer, which can be used with FT Series Smart Key for Toyota/Lexus. Check more details via the link below:

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