Peugeot 307 BSI programming problem solved by SVCI FVDI

Car model and year: a 2002 Peugeot 307 2.0 diesel with SID801 ECU

Tried to jump-start the car and the car refused to start. He discovered an error related with the ecu and bought a new start kit ( bsi, ECU, and key), but somehow the guy who worked on the car tried to clone the original ECU to the donor one ,and basically messed up the new ecu kit.

I putted on the car the original ecu, bsi and key. I have the following state on the engine ecu: -ECU STATE: LOCKED, AWAITING ANSWER FROM BSI
The bsi has no key programmed and the car has no VIN Nr on ecu and BSI.

What I’ve done next:
I removed the ECU, I read the 93c56 EEPROM and got the PIN CODE.
I came back to the car and initialized the programming procedure with PP2000.
I managed to write the VIN nr which now shows fine. I made the customization of the ecus (what s present and what’s not ), but when I try to go the immobilizer programming the pp2000 says that my bsi is blank. Also, the state of the engine ecu didn’t t changed.

How to solve it?
Frequently mistake when working on new BSI or VIRGIN BSI (equivalent to new BSI)

Must always start on the menu “Part replacement> BSI” (which usually being outside the menu of BSI)
And not by the menus of Programming key/Programming VIN nor Configuration under BSI

And all the required programming are included in the steps of Part replacement> BSI including programming keys, configuration, etc.

Caution! One thing that must be sure is the PIN code must be 100% correct. The new BSI will accept any PIN entered while programming but on the step of matching to ECU or Programing key (old keys) will be failed and you need to start from virgin BSI again!

—Credits to @ zmann

Finally! resolved!
I managed to see vin number and make all the coding.
I plugged SVCI FVDI and managed to wrote the PIN to BSI and after that program the key (with SVCI FVDI)
After that the car started and all the dtc were gone, problem solved.

Good to know:
Compared with SVCI 2020 / 2019, SVCI 2018 is better in the special functions.

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