Peugeot 207 Maintenance Indicator Reset via Launch X431 Pros Mini

This is how to use Launch X431 Pros Mini Scan Tool to reset maintenance indicator/oil service for a Peugeot 207 step by step.

Connect X431 Pros Mini with OBD, press
Special function >> Oil reset >> Submit

Peugeot >> Switch on ignition, press “OK”>> Software reset
peugeot-207-maintenance-indicator-reset-via-launch-x431-pros-mini (1)

peugeot-207-maintenance-indicator-reset-via-launch-x431-pros-mini (2)

OK >> Maintenance indicator reset

The resetting of the service indicator must be carried out with the ignition on, engine not running. Press “OK”.
peugeot-207-maintenance-indicator-reset-via-launch-x431-pros-mini (3)

The service indicator must be reset to zero at the mileage recommended in the vehicle’s servicing schedule.
This zero reset procedure can be carried out manually without the diagnostic equipment.
Press “OK” to continue.

Maintenance indicator reset done, press
OK >> OK
peugeot-207-maintenance-indicator-reset-via-launch-x431-pros-mini (4)

Go back to menu.
Switch off the ignition, press “OK”.
Switch on ignition, press “OK”.

Maintenance indicator reset complete.
peugeot-207-maintenance-indicator-reset-via-launch-x431-pros-mini (5)

Launch X431 Pros Mini also support to perform other special functions like steering angle calibration, ABS bleeding, gear learning, battery register/maintenance…etc.

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