PCR2.1 pinout to be able to read its flash on bench

Have Pcr2,1 ecu 03L 906 23LK, looking for its pin out to be able to read its flash on bench not only unlock it, ecu has lost glow light on dash , and cant connect with it obdii , I need pin out to be able to connect with it on bench.


First thing: lost engine light on the cluster does not means ECU defective, you must check ECU power, GND, ECU Main relay, CAN BUS and also others like Gateway module.

Second thing: to read ECU you don’t need to unlock it, just use an OBD tool like Galletto, kess .., to write you have to unlock it.

Third thing: to clone PCR2.1 you must read full flash or CPU serial number from PRC2.1. For that you need to have a programmer like Smok, PCMFlash or MPPS v23. The Galetto v54 can’t read the FULL flash

Attach one image, you find PCR2.1 pinout to unlock using FGTECH54, after unlocking you can read and write on the bench without resistors, the resistors for just unlock, use unlocking function ONLY ONE TIME for each ECU you want to unlock.


Credits to @rasmoka (cartechnology.co.uk)

Good luck


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