PCMtuner V1.26 ECU Programmer FAQs Collection

Here’s collected the most frequently asked questions and answers for PCMtuner V1.26 ECU Programmer. Read this post to learn solutions when having same operation issues.

Q: Why my PCMtuner cannot connect to PC? Computer is not responding.
A: Attention please PCMtuner has 2 power supply: USB communication cable & PCB power supply cable. Many users tend to just plug the USB cable but not main cable, that’s the reason why computer failed to connection.

Q: Why PCMtuner can identify ECU successfully, but failed to find device when click “Read”?
A: In this case, simply plug & unplug the power supply cable once.

Q: Why my PCMtuner account displays “unactivated”?
A: Account will be activated 24 hours after the application is submitted, please wait patiently.

Q: Why the device cannot find PCM Dongle or PCMtuner?
A: Please plug main power supply cable, USB cable & PCM dongle for connection.

Q: Where to log in my user account?
A: We’ll generate 2 user accounts: VZ performance & Tunerbox.
VZ performance: Log in at https://support.vz-performance.com for VR files & damaos.
Tunerbox: Log in at https://www.tuner-box.com for technical assistance.

Q: Wiring connection is all correct, but PCMtuner cannot read?
A: Make sure you have selected the right mode(OBD/Bench/Boot). If connect without opening shell, please select No.71 protocol. Users should select correctly according to corresponding MCU (Can be found in wiring diagram).


Q: What cars support virtual files?
A: Toyota, VW, Audi, Honda can support virtual files.

Q: How to select virtual files?
Steps: Identify ID >> Search ID/ SW software no./ part no. >> Download corresponding files

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