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1. I have a 2014 Maserati GT and my OBDStar X200 Pro does reset the oil service light!

2. It works on my 2012 Maserati QP for resetting oil service light. QP is an option on the X200 prompt menu, after “Maserati” is selected.
The sole reason I bought it as I’m a distance from the nearest dealer and the wrench annoyed me.

3. 2013 Maserati GT, I received the OBDStar X200 Pro today and…HO LEE SH*T…it worked!!! I was able to reset my service indicator message and turn off the green service wrench in less than 15 seconds!!! This thing is the real deal!!!!

4. OBDSTAR x200 will clear any light that comes on the dash and tell you what the reason for the light is. It has many functions which include resetting intervals and a normal OBD code reader/ clearer.

5. I own a 2009 Maserati GT, OBDSTAR x200 will allow you to reset trouble codes which will likely turn off the check engine light. However, depending on the issue your car has it may well come straight back on. The key thing is to use it to determine the trouble codes and then research what they mean. Tons of info online. Depending on the code(s), you can try a reset but it may also mean going straight to the dealer. If it is serious you should not reset the codes as the dealer will need that info to diagnose the problem.

6. Got an OBDStar X200 Pro last week. Worked as advertised on my 2014 GT Sport Convertible. Was surprisingly easy for a rook like me, once I found the OBD port.
It resets to only the 12.5k mile interval, though. Didn’t see a way to customize.
Question: I can’t quite imagine why there would be a way to customize it? It’s what Maserati recommend, or am I missing something?
Answer: My guess is that it’s a 3rd party software issue, because in referencing the reset protocol for some earlier models, Maserati evidently allowed customization of the service interval without a tool. I’m curious to know why the company stopped this practice. It’s pretty ham-handed to stick a scarlet letter on your dash until you return the car to THEIR service department. Bad form.

I would like to have the flexibility to change it because the one-length-fits-all reset renders the purpose of the display worthless. I’m not comfortable running a car 12,500 miles without an oil change, regardless of the capicity of the crankcase or the quality of oil.

To be upgrading…

FYI, OBDStar X200 Pro2, released in 2020 year, can perform more functions and cover newer Maserati car models.

Would OBDStar X200 Pro work to turn off the check engine light?
I own a 2009 GT.
I don’t have a green service light. I have a yellow check engine light.
I’ve checked everything out under the hood along with all fluids.
Everything looks fine and runs fine.
I also tightened the fuel cap just to be sure.
Light is still on.
Wondering if this devise might work?

I have researched quite a bit about small handheld devices that could reads a day clears codes for the GT there aren’t many except for those expensive units. While all regular OBDII will reads and clears engine codes (Check Engine Light). Many cases that reads other codes such as ABS, SRS, EPB, Light Con troll ECU, etc, etc. I end up bought the Foxwell NT510 for the GT specifically. It does reads codes for multiple systems in the GT. Surprisingly. I found that some units advertised as it could read all Maserati cars reality is not. The GT computers are different except for the Engine Code, which is standard with all cars in America from what I understand. I have the NT510 unit for sale as I decided to acquired OE level diagnostic system for future use and business endeavor.

Image 2: Foxwell NT510 Maserati GT function list

Good luck!


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