Obdstar MS80 Program a New Key for 2016 BMW F800GT

How to use Obdstar MS80 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool to program a new key for 2016 BMW F800GT? Following is a quick demonstration.

Insert the key into ignition switch.

Connect Obdstar MS80 with BMW.

obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-01 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-02 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-03

Moto IMMO >> Europe >> BMW >> BMW V30.01 >> Programming keys(ID46) >> Select a blank key position, key generation

obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-05 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-06 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-07

Connect P001 with MS80 key programmer, press “Enter”.

Put the new key into P001 adapter, press “Enter”.

The key is generated successfully, insert the generated key into the key slot for 10s, then use the newly generated key to start the locomotive.

obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-08 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-09 obdstar-ms80-program-a-new-key-for-2016-bmw-f800gt-10

The key can start the motorcycle.


Using Obdstar MS80 to program a new key for 2016 BMW F800GT motorcycle is quite easy and fast.

YOUTUBE:OBDSTAR MS80 program key for BMW F800GT 2016 

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