Obdstar Ford/ Lincoln/ Mustang AKL IMMO Upgrade V34.45

Obdstar Ford/ Lincoln/ Mustang AKL(all keys lost) IMMO Upgrade V34.45 was released, applies to Obdstar X300 DP Plus, Obdstar X300 Pro4

 Car List Details Added:

Brand Function Models Remarks
Ford/ Lincoln/ Mustang All keys lost in alarm active(no need to repeatedly disconnect/ connect battery cables) Work on the following car models:

Ecosport 2018-,

EDGE 2017-,

Escape 2020,

Escort 2018-,

Expedition 2020,

Everest 2017-,

Explorer 2017-,

F-150 2017-,

F-250 2017-,

Focus 2018-,

Mustang 2017-,

Taurus 2017-,

Mondeo 2017-,

Fusion 2017-,

Ranger 2017-,

Aviator 2020,

Continental 2016-,

Corsair 2020,

MKC 2015-,

MKT 2020,

MKX 2015-,

MKZ 2015-,

Nautilus 2018-,

Navigator 2018-

Work with P002 Adapter, Ford All Key Lost Cable


 Procedure – Program 2017 Ford Mondeo All Keys Lost Success

1. AKL Function Equipment Overview
1) Diag cable OBD connector(male)
2) Connect P002 connector(female)
3) Connect vehicle OBD diag connector(male)
4) Red clip(battery terminal)
5) Orange clip(positive cable)
6) P002 adapter

2. AKL Wiring Diagram via OBD

Step 1: connect 1, 6, 2 together;

Step 2: plug 3 into vehicle OBD2 port;

Step 3: remove the positive cable of the vehicle from the positive terminal of the battery(note: don’t short-circuit the positive cable with the vehicle body!!!), clamp the positive terminal with No.4, clamp the positive cable with No.5;

3. AKL Operation Steps
Go to X300 DP Plus/ X300 Pro4 tablet, press
IMMO >> FORD LINCOLN MERCURY >> FORD/ LINCOLN/ MERCURY V34.45 >> Ford >> Asia >> Mondeo >> Proximity >> 2015-(MK5) >> All keys lost >> Enter
(Press “Tips” can check the wiring diagram & operation steps)

Note: please ensure the Internet connection is normal.

Please connect the P002 Adapter and AKL Ford cable correctly to the vehicle.
Press “Enter”.




Switch ignition off.
The vehicle information was read out, press “Enter”.

Insert the key into the card slot, the position is as follow:
1. In the armrests
2. Glove compartment

Is the alarm active? Press “Enter”.

If there is door pad on the vehicle, you may turn the alarm off by typing in the vehicle door code, if there is door pad, please input door code, then press “Enter”.
Press “Esc”.

Do you want to load the BCM D-flash(read by a programmer) to continue operation?
Press “Esc”.

Open the driver’s door and use a screwdriver to set the door lock to the lock position(if the door is closed and locked), keep the door in this position until the key is learned.
Press “Enter”.



1. In the following steps, the device will automatically try to disconnect and connect the vehicle battery, please do not perform other operations;
2. When the battery is reconnected, the device will try to silence the vehicle alarm, if the operation is not successful. The device will automatically try multiple times;
3. In the following operation, you will be able to choose whether to clear the original car key.
Press “Enter”.

Please wait for processing…

It is about 10 minutes!

At this stage, the alarm should beep in the first few minutes and then mute. Listen carefully and there will be 2 beeps after about 10 minutes!

While waiting, please keep quiet as much as possible. Do not touch any sensor on the car. Once you hear 2 beeps, press “Enter”, otherwise please wait patiently until you hear 2 beeps and press “Enter” again.

Do you want to erase the keys of the current vehicle?
If yes, at least 2 keys are required to complete the key programming!
Press “Esc”.

Insert new smart key into the card slot(Edge key placement note: water cup of the glove box close to the cab side, key is to go forward), press “Enter”.

Key program successful.

Press the Start/Stop button.
Programming complete.



This is how to use Ford AKL Cable&P002 Adapter working with X300 DP Plus/ X300 Pro4 to program a proximity key for 2017 Ford Mondeo all key lost.


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