Lonsdor K518S vs. AUTEL IM608 (based on reviews)

2020 Lonsdor K518S IS SIMPLY AN MONSTER TOOL, AUTEL IM608 it’s just a server not an key tool without internet ! In LONSDOR you have KEY FUNCTION of : VVDI2 VAG im4/5 MQB BMW + R.E.T + SMOK + TM.PRO.2 + I/O Terminal + TrueCode + OBDSTAR DP+ for £300 / year
Easy can replace £6000-10 000 of one brand tool, Autel beat it only on MQB AKL & Benz key.

little nuts tho comparing to TMPro2. Specialist tool

Wonder how good Lonsdor K518S really is. I’ll buy it n test myself.

2015 Fiat 500 made RF dealer key = 2 seconds !!!!
2011 Giulietta made RF dealer key = 2 seconds !!!!

like you i don’t understand why this £900 tool be better faster than my £900 I/O terminal on new B.S.I , i buy it just 10 day ago !

worth the money IMO, comes in a bag so is very easy to get out built in key programmer and offline.

To be updating…


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