Launch X431 troubleshoot Ford Transit mk 6 2.4 di no start

Car model and year: Ford Transit mk 6 2.4 di

Drove about 20 miles, no issues, parked up for few hours, came back and cranks but won’t even attempt to start.

Interior lights are fine….though on the mk 6 with the twin fusebox under glovebox have found that a few times with transits…this mk 6 has the single small fusebox under the tray, top of the dash.

Ford diagnostic tool to use:
using a launch x431

works well with all fords upto about 2012, I have used it on this particular transit back in June, when I serviced it, all was fine…have a couple of other mk 6 transits on the books, works fine with them too…plus do a fair number of ford cars of various models of that era, no issues.

had a play with it today, first chance since i posted…had no luck with PCM, OBD socket wiring diagrams, but hoping to have that sorted tmrw.
so spent the day checking for any obvious problems within the main looms/connections, including a number of continuity tests, had the battery fully charged up, plus stipped the fuse boxes etc, again looking for any continuity issues etc…
didn’t really find any problems…so connected everything back up, plugged diag back in, and got comms, which originally also used to cut completely on cranking, but fine now..happy days i thought, so refitted inlet manifold which i took off to gain easier access to pump..gave it a go on change..
went back to comms for live data, and this is where it all went weird…comms kept dropping out, as in select a few live data readings, works fine, then go back to select a few different readings, lose all comms…then feck about with various menus, comes back, then drops out again…and so it went on.
without wiring schematics, was hard to check the wiring to obd socket etc….but got a feeling an issue with ignition switch connections/loom is possibly the cause…

did manage to get a few fault codes from pcm, two pairs of them at different points of the day..

started off with a PATS one (which im pretty sure was set when i put the wrong key in ignition, has a non chipped key for bonnet/doors) plus a P1631, main relay power hold…which kind of makes sense if connections are breaking down..

bit later on, I got P1664, 1564, can’t remember the exact description given, but both relate to pump fuel issues, which if i understand the technicals, could be related to the relay power hold code earlier….

but again, need the ECU pinouts/tests before its worth investigating those, plus not sure how reliable/accurate those codes actually are until i can get the comms to stabilise…

am getting the latest Autodata subscription, need it anyway as have about 2/300 cars on the books, especially as my previous Autodata is now defunct and unable to access due to laptop issues…was 2015 and lot of customers have upgraded to 2016 and on not a waste, but could have done without the expense atm.

End result of this, both Fuel pump electronics and PCM spiked…..never got to the bottom of how/why or the issue with the diagnostics cutting in and out…
spent a lot of hours at mates rates to be 100% certain it wasn’t something simple.

owner called it a day, wasn’t worth him spending on it, along with tires/mot and beginnings of a noisy rear diff…didn’t owe him anything after 9yrs of use…so will be heading to the Transit car park in the sky

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