Launch X431 PAD V Initial Use Guide (Register & Download)

How to get start to use Launch X431 PAD V diagnostic tool for the first time? Following the steps as below to pick up quickly.

X431 Pad V Quick Guide
Diagnose >> Is VCI connector activated?

1. Yes >> Download/update diagnostic software >> Select vehicle >> Select diagnostic software version >> Select test system >> Selection function

2. No >> Press “Login” to register >> Register & activate OK >> Follow option “Yes” above to go on.

Note: before registering, please make sure that your handset has a strong and stable WIFI signal.

How to register & download diagnostic software?
1. Press application icon on home screen, then press “Login”.
 If you are a new user, go to A to press “New Registration”;
 If you have registered to be a member, go to B to login in directly;
 In case you forgot password, go to C to retrieve password according to on-screen instructions.
launch-x431-pad-v-initial-use-guide-register-download (1)

2. Create an account.
Full-fill information including username, password & email.
launch-x431-pad-v-initial-use-guide-register-download (2)

3. Register wallet.
Input password to create a wallet account.
(8-20 characters, recommended a mixture of lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters)
launch-x431-pad-v-initial-use-guide-register-download (3)

*Note: You are suggested to note the password down for future use.
Backup Wallet Address & Keystore: A wallet address is automatically generated, press “To Back Up”, and then follow the on-screen instructions to store it.
launch-x431-pad-v-initial-use-guide-register-download (4)

Wallet App is a point (token) management application tailored for healthy vehicle maintenance. Those who share the Wallet App with car owner will be rewarded 1 point (token) when this car owner successfully registered. Later, the points will bring many unexpected benefits to you and the recommender. For example, use the points to redeem merchandise or enjoy discount.

4. Activate VCI.
Input the Product Serial Number & Activation Code, which can be found in the supplied password envelope.

Press “Activate” to finish your registration. A popup displays to ask you to update the diagnostic software.

(To exit and activate it later, press “Skip”. In this case, you can activate your VCI by pressing “Activate VCI” in “User Info”.)
launch-x431-pad-v-initial-use-guide-register-download (5)

5. Update diagnostic software
Press “Yes”>>“Update” to start downloading.
To pause downloading, press “Stop”.
To resume, press “Continue”.
When download is completed, the system will install the software package automatically.

(To download & install later, press “No”. In this case, enter Home screen and press “Software Upgrade” to re-download.)


Now you can start to diagnose vehicles with X431 PAD V Scan Tool!


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