Launch Thinkdiag manual: how to register and activate

This post will guide you on how to register and activate your thinkdiag scanner.

Step 1. Go to the Play Store and download the app thinkdiag

how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-01 how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-02

Step 2. Open the app and choose “Register”, fill in the info as the picture shown, then click ” Sign up” to continue.

how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-03 how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-04

Step 3. Go ahead and login. Choose “Me” -> “Activation”.

how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-05 how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-06

Step 4.  You are now on the activation screen, and you can activate the tool, and the number will be provided to you via your package, please enter the serial number and activation code to activate. Then you can go to the Thinkstore and are available to choose the software to download.

how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-07 how-to-register-and-activate-thinkdiag-scanner-08

For more operation details, please refer to the video guide:

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