THINKCAR PRO (ThinkDiag mini) reviews Yes & No

 THINKCAR PRO (Same as ThinkDiag mini) Bluetooth Diagnostic Car Scanner reviews on what work and not work, big thanks to the real users. After reading them, you will agree It’s a must have for every car owner.

Review 1:
I used this to troubleshoot an idle issue in my 2005 Camry. It not only read the codes, but also the VIN and provided real-time data logging to my phone. That helps me isolate the issue and replace a $20 sensor instead of a $300 throttle body.

Review 2:
I had a check engine light on and was very worried since my car was out of warranty. I bought THINKCAR PRO plugged it in and instantly told me what things could go wrong. Turns out it was my fuel cap which was left open or not closed completely. I closed the cap and reset the alert. It saved me at least a 100 bucks going to a dealership.

Review 3:
This gadget is awesome thumbs up to the creator it’s easy to use plug and use I was able to rest my check engine light like nothing and give you exactly what’s wrong and even takes you to google and shows what part need to be replaced and shows you where you can buy it. It’s a must have.

Review 4:
THINKCAR PRO is very easy to use. I had a check engine light on in my 2003 Chrysler Voyager and it was due for inspection here in Texas. I was able to identify the error and fix it. In addition to reading the code, it reads the VIN of the car. I liked seeing the result of the diagnostic in my Samsung phone.

Review 5:
Really impressed! Small and easy to carry, fast diagnosis speed with a lot of useful functions. Also can save a bunch of money by using the pts!

Review 6:
THINKCAR PRO Bluetooth Car Scanner can do tire pressure reset on 2017 Honda Civic.
If you want to do a tire pressure reset programming, you need to match the tire pressure bar to achieve it.

Review 7:
THINKCAR PRO Bluetooth OBD2 scanner can work on ford f-250, 2003, 6.0 l, diesel, read and clear fault codes, and many other fancy features.

Please be informed:
1. THINKCAR PRO device is only supported by the official Andriod and iOS APP.

2. After the activation on your own account, it will automatically bind to your account.


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