KTAG EU Purple PCB VS China green / red PCB

Ktag EU clone is built with Purple, Ktag China is built with Green or red PCB. Which one you have? any experience good or bad?

1. Ktag EU clone is not necessarily 100% better than Ktag China

The following questions and answers are based on users’ experience.
Q: Is it unsafe to read/write with the china clones? can i lock/destroy ECU?
A: YES. even with original tool you can
there is always risks of bricking ecu’s with any tool.
even genuine tools brick ecu’s from time to time
shit happens

I had issue with edc16 vag and gen kess not long ago, recovered ecu with clone mpps, finished job in bdm with ktag.

Q: Is EU clones much better than china clones?
A: Much better yes, but better than reworked china? debatable

Q: EU clone vs reworked china clone, what’s the big difference?
A: Hardly anything. You can argue that the EU clone was built with good quality parts from the get go but after rework imo they are same quality.

2. KTAG EU Purple PCB
kess-v2-eu-clone-1 kess-v2-eu-clone-2 kess-v2-eu-clone-3 kess-v2-eu-clone-4 kess-v2-eu-clone-5 kess-v2-eu-clone-6

3. KTAG China
No. 1 KTAG V7.020 ksuite V2.33
ktag-v7_020-ecu-programming-tool-se135 ktag-v7_020-ecu-programming-tool-se135-02
source: http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/best-ktag-v7.020-ecu-programming-tool-without-tokens-limitation.html

No.2 KTAG V7.020 red pcb (online version)
ktag-v7020-red-pcb-eu-online-version-se135-b1 ktag-v7020-red-pcb-back-side-se135-b1 ktag-v7020-red-pcb-eu-se135-b1
source: http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/producttags/2017-hot-kess-ktag.html
No.3 KTAG V7.020 ksuite V2.23 green pcb
firmware-ktag-v7.020-ecu-programming-tool-green-pcb-01 firmware-ktag-v7.020-ecu-programming-tool-green-pcb-02 firmware-ktag-v7.020-ecu-programming-tool-green-pcb-03
source: http://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/firmware-ktag-v7.020-ecu-programming-tool.html
Very important!!!
You have to know- no matter what the color of the pcb is it, the main thing is good quality parts that’s is all that’s needed, a china kess/ktag fgtech or any other board if reworked will work exactly as it should.

4. Ktag China clone Reviews:

Review 1:
Today i received my chinese ktag

after i receive it i open case and see the board maybe best component not same first

example resistor filter it’s good quality, not bad

maybe same reworked chinese tool

this pic



This shop:

Review 2:
Finally received my Ktag package. It’s firmware 7.020. and tested on three cars today today.

See my Ktag fw 7.020: looks good
ktag-7.020-package-1 ktag-7.020-package-2 ktag-7.020-package-3
Three ECUs i’ve tested:
ISUZU ECU Transtron 4JJ1
Mazda Denso ECURF8P
Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU
Transtron 4JJ1 SH7058 ISUZU (P430):
without sensors
ktag-4JJ1-Transtron-ISUZU-1 ktag-4JJ1-Transtron-ISUZU-2 ktag-4JJ1-Transtron-ISUZU-3
Ktagdeleted DPF&EGR: success!

Mazda Denso RF8P (P277):
k-tag-Mazda-Denso-RF8P-1 k-tag-Mazda-Denso-RF8P-2 k-tag-Mazda-Denso-RF8P-3
Fw 7.020 deleted DPF&Lambda: success

Hino 700 Denso Diesel ECU (P347):
ktag-Hino-700-Denso-Diesel-1 ktag-Hino-700-Denso-Diesel-2
Ktag 7.020DPF & EGR and DTC deleted: success

and more……

If you want to make a full BDM read, recommend you use Ktag SW V2.13 FW V6.070. KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10), with Ktag you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation. there are lot ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols, so KTAG is needed.

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