How to Use Xtuner CVD-9 Adapter, Xtuner CVD-9 Data Wave show and CVD-9 Software Display

Xtuner CVD-9 is the China first commercial vehicle diagnostic adapter based on Android, is a high-end and new style commercial vehicle diagnostic adapter developed by TDIntel.

Part 1 : How to use XTUNER CVD9 Heavy Duty Scanner to diagnose heavy duty trucks on Android phone?

Step 1:Download “CVD OBD” on APP store.

Step 2:Choose protocol type among Auto scan diagnose,SAE-J1708 diagnose,SAE- J1939 diagnose

Step 3:Choose Engine type

Step 4:Choose function you want incl. system information, trouble code, data list

Step 5:Read out system information
Read out trouble codes
Read out data list


Part2 : XTUNER CVD9 Data Wave Show:

Wave Form
Support wave display, can simultaneously analyze the situation of 4 data streams to let customers fully understand the changes in data streams under any vehicle conditions.

Wave Dashboard
Support meter display, which is convinent for customer to understand scope in change of data stream under any vehicle conditions and immediately
find the problematic sensors and components according to the warning range of settings.

Wave Form Analysis
Professional analysis software for data stream wave form, can analyze 4 data streams at the same time. By overlaying and comparing forms, customers can easily and immediately find the vehicle fault.

Part 3 : Xtuner CVD-9 Adapter Software display:


Part 4: Xtuner CVD-9 Latest Update:

XTUNER CVD-9/6 UI V4.0 released
Update information:
1. Add test report for DTC, system information and data list function.
2. Add data list record and play function.
3. Add screen recording function (support Android 5.0 and above).
4. Support 6 languages: English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Korean, Polish.
5. Add DTC online searching by Google or Baidu.
6. Add data wave display for data list function.
7. Add the User information management.
8. Improve the setting function.
9. Improve the communication layer for diagnostic function.

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