How to Use THINKCAR ThinkDiag Relearn Injector ?

Hi, I’m here with a Launch THINKCAR ThinkDiag diagnostic tool, and today I’m going to do a fuel injector service on a 2013 GMC Denali. If your fuel injectors ever needs to be replaced, and need to be serviced then you can go ahead and change that with a ThinkDiag.

Let’s go ahead to get it connected and show you how to do that.

First of all, inset ThinkDiag device to the OBD2 port of vehicle, turn the ignition on.
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Start up ThinkDiag app:

ThinkStore >> More >> INJECTOR >> GM >> OK >> OK

The beep there lets you know that it’s connecting to the device.
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LD Trk, MPV, incomplete >> GMC Truck >> Sierra >> 2007-2013 >> OK >> Engine Control Module

As you see, we have 2 options here: engine control module and glow plug control module. Whatever we change in the first option, we have to change in the second option as well. So we’ll go into the engine control module first.
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Cylinder 1 Injector Identifier >> Stop the vehicle, stop engine, turn the ignition ON, then press “OK”>> Input a new identifier number, press “OK”

The identifier will be directly on the part that you replaced, so you can get the number from there.

Performed successfully, press “OK”

Now let’s go back to check it. Just make sure, the number has changed at the end.
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Once we changed that, then go back to second option “Glow Plug Control Module” to change the identifier number, repeat same operation.

Cylinder 1 Injector Identifier >> OK >> Input a new identifier number, press “OK”.

Okay, now all are set up.
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THINKCAR ThinkDiag OBD2 scanner supports 16 service reset functions, such as BMS, EPB, IMMO, Oil reset, ABS, AFS, SAS…etc. Other function tutorials to be updated… 11.11 Crazy Sale Up to 15% OFF!

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