How to Use SKP1000 Program 2014 Ford Fiesta Key without Pin Code

This Topic is about use SKP1000 Program 2014 Ford Fiesta Key without Pin Code. 2014 Ford Fiesta has new immobilizer system which requires a pin code to access.Following is the detail guide programming key to a Fiesta 2014 by using SKP1000 key programmer without pin code.

Vehicle model: 2014 Ford Fiesta 

Tools needed: SKP1000 key programmer


OBD Location:


Detail Guide:

Connect SKP1000 host with vehicle via OBD main cable

Come to Immobilizer->Ford->Fiesta 2013

Select Within pin code

Choose Immobilizer system

Choose OBDII connector

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Press YES to continue

Reading VIN, please wait for a few minutes

SKP1000 car key programmer read VIN and part numbers information.

Press YES.

Select Add a key, delete key or All key lost

(Note: All keys lost require at least 2 keys to program. Otherwise will not start car.)

Here we select Add a key.

Insert a new key to be programmed

Turn ignition ON


Program key success.

Manually program remote:

Turn ignition off for 4 times within 6s, and keep it on OFF position

Press on the “Lock” and “Unlock” button at the same time. Released buttons when dashboard make sounds

Press on the “Lock” and “Unlock” button within 10s. released buttons when dashboard make sounds

Remove remote after dashboard indicators turn on for 10s.


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