How to use opcom to do DPF Regeneration for Opel Insignia 2011?

Having Opel Insignia 2011 and the DPF needs to be cleaned regularly, get one OP-COM 2014V China clone to do DPF Regeneration.

Look here: OPCOM V2014 120309a Firmware V1.70

Here we go for the procedure:
Step1. Open VAUX-COM 120309a software. Select “Diagnostics”→ “2011 (B)” → “Insignia” → “Engine” → “A 20 DTH”
OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-1 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-2 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-3 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-4

Step2. Select “Measuring Blocks” function
Then select “Exhaust Aftertreatment Data” and you can see many measured values as follows:
OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-6 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-7



Step3. Back to select “Programming” then “Regeneration D. Particulate Filter” then “Start Activation” and that’s all steps. In this way you can use OPCOM to active filter for Opel Insignia!
OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-10 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-11 OPCOM-vauxcom-120309a-active-filter-Opel-Insignia-12

Job is done.

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