How to update fgtech firmware from 0386 to 0475?

Guys if I understand correctly fgtech 0386 or 0475 is the firmware of the micro.e you can do update or change the pcb ???
0386 is ok on SW china,0475 is ok on sw eu….

v48 is 100% not possible to use with fw from v53…this is reality because the hw is totally different…if you want to reprogram lpc you can (if you know how on v48) but the functionality from v53 are not available on hw v48

To agree the above option:
Yes, update the firmware to 0475.
fgtech 0475 is more clean and stable, in combination with a rework pcb (Armageddon΄s list, few pages back)!!

Question: Is it possible to use 90% of v53 functionality, just jtag not possible because obviously hw is missing.
Answer: But full working OBD, and BDM updated support to v53 is possible.

Question: ok then pcb changes from v48 to v53 / 54. anyone has a picture of 2 pcb ??

Answer: Maybe you don’ t understand,
about pcb:
we change the bad components of china v54 pcb with better quality (components).
v48 is different pcb and it can’ t be same with v54…
0475 is the firmware-software and cooperates flawlessly with v54 pcb.
photo v54
fgtech v54

Question: now I read that it should be done hw rework and downgrade to sw v53.

Answer: v48 it’s no longer on the market. only v54.
“simply” rework the components of v54 pcb (hw) and update the firmware from 0386 to 0475 if needed, because sοme sellers ( have already the fgtech 0475.
of course we need and good luck with these china copies…

Here is the FGTech 0475 PCB (sold at
If you are interested in it, here you can go:


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