How to Solve Lexia-3 PP2000 installation error: not possible to start

Yesterday on Aug,16th, one customer emailed to us he had a issue when install Lexia-3 on windows XP, it appeared an error as follows, according checking, engineers give some tips for this problem help him sort out.

Error message Showing:


It is not possible to start Peugeot Planet Office for the following reasons:

Peugeot Planet interface is not plugged into the USB port of your PC

Peugeot Planet interface is being utilisation by another application.


Device using: Lexia-3 pp2000

Software: Peugeot Planet 2000

Operating system: Windows XP


Possible reasons and solutions:

Host interface of Peugeot Planet can not be connected to the computer’s USB port;
Peugeot Planet 2000 is running on another computer;
After closing the other software, then run Peugeot Planet again.


PP2000 software installation address:!mRkVXBLa!Fez0E9LU5DJSYFsy6jc_2cydO-69U0VJ7zX3i3T8_vc


Hope it can help you!

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