Offer the possible reasons and solutions to KESS V2 5.017 error “EXTERNAL EXCEPTION EEFFACE”.

Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-01
It is normal for the computer to detect as usb device:
Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-02

Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-03
I tried with v2.23, v2.25 and v2.47. All the same error.
I can’t replace NXP, but I can try to replace SD card.

See how everyone has suggested how to solve this problem:
Advice 1. Plug it in and uninstall the ‘usb device’ from device manager then unplug the device. Install drivers usbdevicedrv that comes with the correct version for your kess/Ktag. Once complete, plug in Kess and allow drivers to install and run ksuite (with internet disabled)

Advice 2. You need to create a new 5.017 SD Card Image by using “ImageUSB-tool” program.
Remove SD-card from kess
Format SD-card Fat32
Burn 5.017 img. file to SD-card using image USB-tool (everything you need is on MHH forum)
Put SD-card back in to kess.
Works perfect for mine kess!(same problem)

Finally, I discovered the problem.
My friend had ksuite 1.97 installed on his computer and started the software with an internet connection.
Possibly this version has damaged something in NXP.
And found out this new AT89C51CC03U NXP:
Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-04

For your information, I’d like to attach New 5.017 SD Card Image free download:
1). How to do read an SD card for Kess 5.017 or create a new one?
128 MB XOR!kRxTwQxZ!Vw6g3ROBHr9w7aboGEe97UPIbv2ruVOvlLIZaH1HPDY
Zip Password = “kess5017”

Note: Only Kess 5.017 or 5.028, not for 3.099 etc.

2). How to create a new SD card?
Firstly, download WinHex and XorFiles v1.0
Insert your Original SD-Card to Cardreader on PC.
Run WinHex, press F9 open Disk, read your SD-card.
Mark 208Bytes = 13 lines from 0x00000270 to 0x0000033F.
Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-05

Copy 13 lines to new file.
Open in WinHex my Keyfile “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img”
Search and replace line 1 in your Keyfile with all line1 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img”
Search and replace line 2 in your Keyfile with all line2 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img”
Search and replace line 13 in your Keyfile with all line13 lines in “128 MB XOR Key01-13.img”
Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-06

Save your new 128 MB XOR Key01-13.img
run XorFiles v1.0
Filename 1: = your original SD-Imagefile
Filename 2: = your new createt “SD128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” (with your 13 lines 😉
Destination: = any filename for your new uncryptet Imagefile
Kess-v2-5-017-external-excepion -eefface-solution-07

if you have decrypted the files, you can integrate the decryptet image file with “ImDisk Virtual Disk
Driver” as a virtual drive and save the files to the PC.
Link to ImDisk
If you want to use any new SD-Card in your Kess 5017, use Winhex to fill the SD-card with 00.
put SD-card in Kess, power on Kess.
The 13-line KEY = 208 Bytes is x times on the SD.
From 0x000000D0 it is on some empty SD cards.
If you not found search any other line.
It is important that from line 0 always the 13 lines are
13, 26, 39, 52 ….. 4160 ….. 344032 etc.
that is, 0x0001040 is in decimal 4160,
13 rows = 208 bytes,
4160 divided by 208 = 20
Or 53FE0 = decimal 344032
344032 divided by 208 = 1654
that means if you think you have found the key you have to divide the address (decimal) by 208
without anything after comma.
then the start same Procedure to create a new “SD128 MB XOR Key01-13.img” file with new SDCard
Format the new SD-card with FAT, copy Files to SD-ard and crypt it with “XorFiles v1.0”


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