How to Reset Throttle/Idle Learn via Thinkcar Thinkdiag?

Today I’m gonna use the Thinkcar Thinkdiag Scan Tool to do some throttle learning. This is what you’re going to do if you ever need to change anything within your crankshaft or replace the heads or anything like that. If your idle is running too high or too low. It’ll go ahead and get your idle reset.

Plug Thinkdiag into OBD2 port, then let’s start:
how-to-reset-throttle-idle-learn-via-thinkcar-thinkdiag (1)

ThinkStore >> More >> GM >> Automatically search >> Yes

Turn the ignition ON, press “OK”.

Yes >> System selection
how-to-reset-throttle-idle-learn-via-thinkcar-thinkdiag (2)

how-to-reset-throttle-idle-learn-via-thinkcar-thinkdiag (3)

Engine control module (ECM) >> Special functions >> Learn functions >> Idle learn

As you can see, at the top commanded state is “None”, and the throttle body idle air flow compensation is 12.16.

Press “Learn” to clear it out.

The commanded state becomes “Learn”, and the throttle body idle air flow compensation turns to zero.
how-to-reset-throttle-idle-learn-via-thinkcar-thinkdiag (4)

how-to-reset-throttle-idle-learn-via-thinkcar-thinkdiag (5)


This is how to use Thinkdiag Diagnostic Tool to reset the throttle learn/ idle learning. It is very easy to be done in 2 minutes.


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