How to Reset BMW SRS Airbag Light via Launch X431 CRP129E?

There is an SRS airbag warning light on the BMW 3 series dashboard. So I’m gonna show you guys how to use the Launch X431 CRP129E Scan Tool to diagnose & reset it.


Firstly, connect X431 CRP129E with OBD, press
Diagnose >> Auto detect >> OK

It starts scanning the system automatically…






Wait for a while, it’ll come back with a report which you can print out or email.

In the report, there are 3 fault codes in the SRS system:
93092B – Driver’s seat belt tensioner: Resistance too high.
93097C – Driver’s side airbag: Resistance tool high.
9309C4 – Driver’s seat belt buckle contact: Open circuit.

If you’re not sure how to do it, you’d better put these fault codes in Google to search.
In my case, I found it is a loose connection underneath the driver’s seat, which is the reason that caused the airbag warning light. Just reconnect it together.

So go back to clear code now, wait for a while…
As you can see, the airbag light has gone!
SRS reset success!




Using Launch X431 CRP129E OBD2 Scanner to do a BMW SRS reset is quite easy. Moreover, it also supports to do oil reset, EPB reset, ETS reset, TPMS reset for specific car models.


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