How to reprogram Mondeo PCM using UCDSYS?

Confirmed: UCDSYS clone/original can reprogram Mondeo PCM successfully (for example: to modify the engine output). For the clone, need to have the online account.

Just “do” it, don’t worry you will brick your module.
PCM is not BCM. Just make backup by saving .uuw file and GO GO GO!
Mine was originally the 150 bhp/370Nm.
I changed in UCDS /PCM the engine power to 180 bhp.
And I did a remap on this hp.
Now I have 225 hp / 485 nm.
Just fine, no problem at all.

Someone disagree with the above tips:
I assure you that with my Mondeo 180PS the only way to give more power and torque is to change the PCM ECU.
Now I have 218PS and 478Nm and it’s great.

A beast has become.

No error in DTC.
No Recovery.
I state that the PCM of the Ford Mondeo has on board the curves of the 150CV, 180CV, 210CV, but even if in UCDS I’m going to change these values for example from 150CV to 180CV in fact I do not get an increase in power.

You modified it, but you could have avoided it, because then you realized that the only solution was a modified ECU.

What about your option?

Good to know:
Thave one Ford UCDS Pro+ (26eur) clone and with online account, you will easily reprogram the PCM, that will help you save some money and do the same thing.

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