How to choose the best Xhorse VVDI Tools?

What are the differences among Xhorse VVDI tools? Here we have listed 8 kinds below for reference.


VVDI Key Tool Plus
VVDI BIM Tool Pro for BMW
VVDI Mini Prog
VVDI Key Tool Max
Mini Key Tool
Mini OBD Tool

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad is mainly designed for locksmiths to program keys while other Xhorse tools have some more professional features like programming and coding for specific cars.


VVDI Key Tool Plus vs. Key Tool Max vs. Mini Key Tool vs. Mini OBD Tool
IMMO Programming Functions
VVDI Key Tool Plus > VVDI Key Tool Max + Mini Key Tool + Mini OBD Tool

VVDI Key Tool Plus vs. VVDI2
VVDI2 supports diagnosing, change control modules, unprotect firmware, manipulate data…while Key Tool Plus only supports key matches.

VVDI Key Tool Plus vs. VVDI MB Tool
Key Tool Plus supports almost all functions as VVDI MB except for mileage correction of Mercedes.

VVDI Key Tool Plus vs. VVDI BIM Tool for BMW
VVDI BMW tool is mainly designed for programming & coding modules for BMW, including BMW key match.
Key Tool Plus supports programming keys for various makers rather than simply BMW.

VVDI Key Tool Plus vs. VVDI Mini Prog
Key Tool Plus prog is mainly used to read & write data without welding for key matches. It supports BMW all series, Porsche, Land Rover…no need to weld, pry feet, cut lines, or dismantle chips.
VVDI Mini Prog is a comprehensive and powerful programming device, which requires a soldering iron experience. It supports reading & write data for different modules and chips during car diagnosis.

Recommendation for a locksmith:
VVDI Key Tool Plus, VVDI MB, VVDI Key Tool Max, Mini OBD Tool, Mini Key Tool

Recommendation for mechanic & car repair shop:


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